Happy New Year 2017

My Facebook status from December 31, 2016 at 10:36 pm:

2016 was the first time I focused on myself in a very long time. I went into 2016 focusing on the things I can control (mind, body, and spirit) and not stressing about the things that were out of my control.


My health is improving, my faith is stronger than ever, and I’ve been able to leave a lot of things at the altar. My Father is always on time!!!

I learned that letting go of stress and allowing God to lead and guide me has helped me evolve into a stronger person, better wife, better mother, better daughter, and friend.


The goal that I have for 2017 is to continue on the path that I started in 2016. I’m a work in progress. I ask that God orders my steps and that I’m wise enough to listen. I will continue to practice the pause. I know that 2017 will have ups and downs, but I hope and pray that I will be able to move past the bad days with a smile on my face–I refuse to let anything or anyone still my joy.

Happy New Year, Y’all!!!

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