Here I Go…Again!

There us nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find ways in which you yourself have altered.- Nelson Mandela

I do not know why I created a URL that included diabetes because this blog will not be dedicated to diabetes. I will talk about diabetes when needed, but for the most part, this will be about me. I want to enhance my writing skills, share my thoughts on running, love for reading, passion for cars (my husband is rubbing off on me) and anything else.

I thought about buying a journal; it’s not my thing. I do not know why I love sitting at my computer desk, jamming out to music and typing my thoughts on the web. But,  I’ve missed.



First blog post

I started keeping a person journal which allowed me to get to know myself and have a little one one time with the man upstairs. But, a piece of me missed blogging and sharing. So, I have decided to share weekly and if I do not, I will not be upset with myself. I will share more once I start training for my first half-marathon in May. My blog has diabetes in the URL, but I will not blog about diabetes every single day or every week because there is more to me than a blood glucose meter, a pump, and a CGM.