Diabetes Vacation

I made a decision to go on a vacation from diabetes for three days; I ENJOYED it. Thanksgiving 2016 was the best one I’ve had since I was diagnosed with LADA in 2004. I was able to focus on family, not graphs or the numbers. And to be perfectly honest it felt good. I was able to look at food as food and not as a calculation.

I deserved to be free from the stress, calculations and wanted to mentally focus on the people and things that I am grateful for; I did not want to allow diabetes to occupy my thoughts like it always does.

So being able to let go for three days is a HUGE deal.

I am going to make this a habit that when I am a vacation that I will allow myself to enjoy life and live a little by putting diabetes on hold.

*I bolused for each meal. I checked my blood glucose levels, but not six times a day like I usually do.